About me

My name is Vlad Dusa and I’m a digital designer from Romania.

During the past 12 years I’ve been involved in projects from different industries, such as automotive, data storage, e-commerce and advertising. I’ve been part of global design and software development teams, working closely with other designers, engineers and project managers.

I always aim for clarity and simplicity in what I do. I enjoy working closely with others to build trust and to do work that matters.

What I do

- Facilitate and participate in discussions with project’s stakeholders to understand and define project requirements and expectations;
- Plan, prioritize and estimate design efforts;
- Explore and communicate design concepts for different systems through artefacts like sketches, user flows, wireframes and high-fidelity design mockups;
- Build UI styleguides and prepare components, assets and design specs for implementation;
- Collect feedback and validate design concepts to ensure that design specifications are implemented correctly.

What others say about me

Tom Wellings
Principal Designer - User Experience @Huemen (Harman International)

“Proactive, goal oriented and highly organised are three qualities that describe Vlad and his approach to UI/UX design work. Since hiring him in 2018 we worked together on several complex infotainment projects for automotive clients and he consistently delivered great work to tight deadlines.

What makes Vlad such a good designer is his understanding of the bigger picture and the goals of the different stakeholders in a project. Knowing when to compromise and when to hold your ground is an important skill and this enabled me to hand over tasks with confidence that they would be perfectly completed with very little supervision. Vlad is easy to get along with and has great language skills on top of his design and project management abilities. I know he will be a great asset to any team he is a part of.”

Virgil Zamfirache
Engineering Manager @Harman International

“Vlad was part of my team, working as an UI/UX Designer on infotainment systems for the Toyota customer.
I found him to be self-driven, focused and thorough with his work. This trio of qualities, boosted by his technical skills, helped him to easily tackle not only day-to-day deliveries but more importantly establish new practices related to our processes and tools. These helped the Development and Design teams to work together smoothly when discussing flows, assets and releases.

He took on increasing responsibility with enthusiasm and had an approach which brought people together to get the job done, sometimes not an easy thing to do when interacting with remote teams.

I personally enjoyed working with him and would recommend him for his talent and professionalism.”

Cosmin Radu
Senior Android Developer @Celilo Group Media, Inc.

“In the ever changing world of smartphones, with a variety of operating systems, each with their own interaction patterns and challenges, Vlad has always shown he is up-to-date with the knowledge required to build, not only a beautifully designed UI, but also a pleasant user experience.

Adding to that, building a great product requires the design and development teams to speak the same language. On the multiple projects that I've worked alongside Vlad the communication was excellent, be it him understanding and reacting to technical challenges, or myself adapting to his UI/UX recommendations.

Of course, all the skills and all the knowledge lose some of their value if not applied efficiently. I've had the opportunity to see first hand how well organized and clean Vlad keeps his work.

Even though Vlad and I no longer work in the same company, for me, Vlad has always been the `go to` professional in regards to mobile design and not only. It's always a pleasure to collaborate with him whenever the occasion arises.”

Cezar Dărac
UX Designer @VIAVI Solutions

“I worked with Vlad on several projects from creating documents and methodology to designing high fidelity design assets. Vlad is remarkable because he always seeks to understand every aspect of a project so he possesses a logical and creative mind.

He always offered valuable feedback and helped every colleague in need. He is also patience and this is a key element to success. You can count on Vlad and his natural born abilities in every aspect of a project.”

Remus Joghiu
QA Automation Engineer @2Checkout

“Vlad is the type of colleague every team would like to have. This is the cause of his good communication skills and his charismatic personality. He has a good understanding of what User Experience should be all about. I enjoy having him on my team and would gladly recommend him to future workplaces.”

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